Hello friends! Ava here with another foodie review after my traveling adventures continued last week.  I know a few of you live in LA, and if you don’t you can keep this review in mind for the next time you visit Los Angeles!

Before the review, let me point out how NICE it has been to get out of NYC for a few days here and there.  NYC is amazing and all, but around this time of year right before Spring hits, we all get a little cabin fever.  Seeing palm trees and SUN provided me with many “please pinch me” moments.  Too good, just too good.

I also got to see my bestie of all besties, Amanda.  Yes we live and work in the same city, but we only found time to hang out while we were both 3,000 miles away.  Life gets too hectic, man, it really does!

Anyway, I enjoyed a lot of tasty eats in my 3 day visit, and took lots of random pics here and then (like these Japanese seaweed rolls – say what?!)

But the one meal that I managed to get from start to finish was at this GREAT cafe in Santa Monica – Kreation Kafe to be exact.  The menu here is organic and overwhelmingly delicious sounding.  [ Kreation Kafe Menu ] You can grab a spot in their backyard as we did or simply go into their juice shop and order one of their delicious concoctions.  This spot offers 3 – 7 day cleanses that are made to order and can be picked up! So cool.  Surprisingly I didn’t have any juice.  I opted for carbs.  Oh wait, that’s not surprising at all.

I started with a yummy Soy Latte while I perused the menu and was stuck being my indecisive self, toying between the idea of 3 totally different meal options (an egg dish, pancakes, or a salmon salad)

A fruit salad for the win to start while I made up my mind..

Almond Oatmeal was brought over by mistake, but I decided to dig in to a few bites while I waited for the entree..

Drumrolllll please..

PANCAKES! Two massive, Almond Flour pancakes.  Looking at these pics I realize that compared to what this amazing place has to offer, I got some pretty basic items.  But sometimes the basics are the best, right? I was thinking “The sun is in my face, life is good, I want fruit & pancakes”.  So that’s what I did!

If I lived in Santa Monica, I would go to this place with my lap top every day and try something new off of their extensive menu every time I visited.  The service was pretty awful as we were seated at a table but then had to find someone to come and take our order, but I’m not one to really care about those things.  Still got my 25% tip.  So, yes, a good review indeed! Well done, Kreation!