Hey all! It’s a wonderful time of year here in NYC, and I’m referring to Restaurant Week.  For those that aren’t familiar, Restaurant Week is a bi-annual occurrence where we have a chance to dine out at fine restaurants for a fraction of the price.  With a 3 course dinner at $38, ya just can’t beat it.  I am ALWAYS sure to take advantage a few times a year.  Last night’s spot was KTCHN, a trendy popular spot on the West side.  On a weeknight it was pretty slow, but then again I was happy to whip out my camera without worrying about my neighbor looking at me like a freak.

While looking over the menu, we ordered a bottle of Reisling to share.  It was yummy and decently priced.

 The first part of my 3 course meal was a Watercress Salad:

baby beets, goat cheese, almonds, clementine vinaigrette

I found this salad to be very good – not overly dressed – and then there’s always something about cheese and fruit together that is just magical


My second course was the Atlantic Salmon

balsamic black lentils, fava bean raviolo

I think we can all agree that lentils are pretty awesome.  However, something about this dish was kind of bland.  Not bad and no wow factor – but I enjoyed it anyway.   The salmon was cooked medium and flaked perfectly.

And then there was dessert.  Naturally I went for the chocolate option.

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

raspberry sorbet

Now this one confused me.  I see Mousse in the name, I go for it.  I love mousse, ohhh yes I do.  But THEN when I received the dish I was like “This is cake!” Turns out there’s cake in the name too.  I just don’t know what to make of it ;)

I completed CLEANED up at the first two courses, however for dessert I had all of the sorbet and about half the cake.  I am just definitely not one for cake, unless there is ice cream involved.


Overall, I’d say KTCHN was a good place to try out for Restaurant Week.  Nothing made me roll my eyes or cause me to moan in utter food pleasure, but it doesn’t matter – the meal cost $38! Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Good ambience, good service, good food.  Win in my book.