Hey, hey! So we had some great meals on our vacation last weekend.  Most were not documented because let’s be real here; When you’re on vacation you’re not really worrying about whipping out the camera for some food blog pics! None of us actually had a camera on us, so this meal is going to be lacking quality in the pictures department (reoccurring around here, we’re sawwwwy!) The restaurant in question here is Cardozo, a Latin Fusion spot located on the ever-convenient and popular Ocean Drive in South Beach.

What’s funny about this (or not so funny, I guess) is that Cardozo was not our initial restaurant of choice.  We first grabbed a table at a Seafood restaurant in Espanola Way, but after a round of drinks, stale bread and uncooked appetizers we mutually agreed to shut it down and move along.  Thank heavens we did! This dinner was great.  The food, the drinks, the atmosphere..just what we had in mind for our Miami night on the town.

Chloe just turned 21 two weeks ago, so it was only fitting she had this massive drink.  Sooooo funny when we actually saw the size of it though.  We will call him the Green Monster.


Chloe, myself, and Green Monster.  He really livened this pic up.

For an appetizer Chloe and I shared the ceviche, which was very very good.  So good, in fact, that nobody paused to get a picture before inhaling it.  But we’re gonna go ahead and recommend it to you!

Chloe was in the mood for a salad, and upon the waiter’s recommendation ordered the Seared Tuna.  Mom ordered the Sea Bass, per usual, except she asked for just fish and grilled asparagus – no sauce, no potatoes.  Clean eating Bee over here.

And for myself, I enjoyed the Halibut dish (Gosh what an AWFUL pic – does not do it justice), and I ordered it just the way it was on the menu.  Look at this beauty – poatoes, mussels, clams, marinara, halibut, veggies.  Perfection.  The only thing that I was momentarily upset about was that everything was drenched in butter.  It’s kind of an oxymoron to me to have fish and veggies drenched with butter! However, this meal was so amazingly delicious.  I ate as much as I could, but I was STUFFED and there was a little bit of Halibut and some potatoes left on my plate.  The three of us were pleasantly surprised with our meals, and I think we would be up for going back!

If you find yourself in a position of not knowing which spot on Ocean Drive to go to for dinner, we give you the OK on this one!