Heyo! Another restaurant review comin at ya! Twice in one week, how lucky are you guys? ;)

I’ve totally slacked with restaurant reviews lately because I just don’t want to pull my damn camera out for pics in the middle of my much needed quality time with friends.  I hate to be that person that’s like “Wait! Don’t start eating yet!” However, I did warn Meagan ahead of time that I was going to snap some photos; So I may not have camera pics, but what I can deliver is semi-decent iPhone pics that took me less than a second to snap.  And I’m glad I did, because Morandi in NYC’s West Village is definitely review-worthy.

After ordering a bottle of Sauv Blanc, we went with the Wednesday special Carciofi ripen, which is basically an artichoke stuffed with a giant lamb meatball on a bed of peas and carrots.  The lamb seemed a bit dry to me, however I do not order lamb enough to really know how dry or not dry it should taste.  Either way, it was still delicious!

Dinner date!! My love, Meagan who I hadn’t seen since her birthday dinner like, waaay too many months ago.

We decided to split two entrees; linguine with clams, white wine and garlic (we always go for spaghetti and clams), and a sautéed Tilefish, with diced veggies, pesto and some pasta.  The linguine was spicy and delicious, and the surprisingly enormous tilefish was a bit too salty for me, but again, still delicious.  No bite was left on that plate. I assure you.  Those plates made for some goooood juices to dip the bread in!

Even though neither Meagan or I has a sweet tooth and we were already stuffed to the gills, we DID have another glass of wine from our bottle left, so we decided to get dessert.  We got the marscapone gelato with chocolate sauce.  This didn’t blow my mind, but it was still yummy.

I usually never take a pic of the bill, but it just seems like the most effective way to show what you can expect to spend at a place like Morandi if you’re going all out with 3 courses and a bottle of wine.  We were happy with our meal and will definitely go back, so it was a good $90 spent!

She’ll kill me for this, but it’s just too funny.  Soooomeone didn’t want to be in a photo.

Hope you enjoyed!