Good Morning All!  It’s been a while since we did a restaurant review.  I hope to change that this summer with a little extra free time :)

Last week we took the fam to the newest burger joint in our area, Prime 16 on the Boston Post Road in Orange. Here’s the skinny, in the Orange/Milford area Plan B has been the only burger/beer joint in town for a few years now.  I did a review on them a while back.  By default, they’ll be woven in and out of this review.  Why you ask?  Well, these two places pretty much mirror each other, so it’s only fitting to compare them.

Prime 16 has been a hot spot in New Haven for several years now.  I’ve never been, but I have heard great things from other patrons.  My guess is that they saw an opportunity in this area, which is why the second location.  Plan B has a line out the door all day, everyday.  Why not grab a piece of the pie, right?

Well here they are head to head.  Prime 16 is very dark inside.  So dark that I didn’t realize it was still light outside when we left.  The place is not really setup well inside.  By that I mean the seating is awkward.  They have limited seating for larger parties with a few tables in the rear of the dining room.  If you don’t know to make a reservation, you have to wait for those tables to clear.  Other than that, it’s all booths. The bar doesn’t do a good job of showcasing their brews.  There is also a poorly written chalkboard list of their beer, difficult to read.  It has a few stools around the bar with more awkward seating for dining.  Not really a place you go to hang out unless you’re a bar loner.  In my humble opinion.

Plan B on the other hand does have a great atmosphere.  A pretty cool bar and seating that’s open and inviting.  They also have the room for a band or dj on the weekends.  I don’t see that happening at Prime 16.

Onto the menu.  Pretty comparable.  Both have their own take on burgers.  My pick food wise, definitely Prime 16.  There are some shining stars their menu.  Hello sautéed kale & bison meat!  Most of the burgers have some type of fattening additive be it the mayo or cheese, but they do offer a “make your own burger” option.

I had a bison burger with no bun on a bed of lettuce with tomato, mushrooms & avocado topped with a fried egg and a side of sautéed kale.  I love bison meat, so I’m glad it’s an option, not an option at Plan B, and we all know I have an affinity for kale.  Perfect clean dine out meal.  I was overjoyed to see that my egg came over easy, yes they get the whole yolk replacing mayo thing.  Unlike the server at Plan B that told me “we only fry eggs, this isn’t I-Hop” . …. Right?  The nerve.  The burger was definitely better.  I don’t like Plan B’s “loose packed” meat.  It’s hard to eat their burgers without it falling apart.  Not at Prime 16, perfectly cooked to a medium well.  I also don’t like that Plan B offers it’s cooking in either pink or no pink.  The kale was still firm, not wilted or overcooked.  It had a little too much olive oil on it for my liking, but hey it was still delish.

Prime 16 gets a thumbs up for it’s clean offerings, a thumbs down for atmosphere.  That won’t keep me away, good food always prevails.  I hope you guys try it.  Let me know what you think, am I crazy for my take on their atmosphere or right on target?