Restaurant Review! My, it’s been a long time.  Know why? I never have time to go out anymore :( But after an unexpected day off from the bar, I seized the opportunity to go to Bikram, grocery shop, and head over to The Writing Room, the new restaurant that took Elaine’s place across the street from Rathbones.  (Remember that epic moment from Instagram where I met Chris Noth at the Bone?  He was coming from a dinner at this spot).  Anyway, the staff from this place has been coming into Rathbone’s when they get off their shift and taking very good care of us.  I knew it was time to return the favor!

P.S., I didn’t plan to take pictures (as always, worst blogger EVER!), so excuse the grainy i-Phone photos.

On this American Traditional menu, expect to see seasonal appetizers, a few delicious pastas, and Entrees that serve for the fish lover, steak lover, and chicken lover.  I opted for the Salmon Entree with sautéed baby kale, leeks and meyer lemon fingerling potato confit.  This buttery goodness of an entree was so delicious, and as much as I tried NOT to dip the accompanied warm pretzel bread into the sauce, I failed.

A nice glass of Sauv Blanc to go with it, and I was good to go.

Let’s talk about the decor, crisp, different and beautiful.  I’d say it’s the first of its kind to come into the Upper East Side for quite some time.  These are the same people that bring you Parlor Steakhouse on 91st street, so it’s not entirely surprising.  I sat at the bar, which was equally cool and gorgeous.  I can see this being a great date spot, a great corporate spot, or just a cool place for you to grab your after-work drinks and appetizers.

So check it out! The Writing Room on 2nd ave between 88th and 89th street.  Price Range $$$ Entrees $28-$52