Well hello there.  Ava’s been doing a bang-up job of holding down the blog fort while I’ve been off in moving land.  I see why moving is up there as one of the most stressful things in life!

Literally for the last 3 weeks I have had no semblance of a normal life.  5am – 10am packing and cleaning the old house, work for several hours then back at it until the wee hours of the night splitting my time between both houses.  Why do I bring this up?  Well one of the first things to go in the old house was the food.  Two days into my move, there were 3 cases of Riceworks chips on the doorstep.  What?  I’ve never had them before, but Ava is already a huge fan and supporter.

These chips have been my savior!  I know they probably don’t advocate having a bag a day, but it really was what got me through my days.  They’re awesome and delicious!  I’m not a chocolate or sweets type of person.  I hate to admit it, but give me a bag of Wavy Lays and some french onion dip and I’d be in heaven.

Having a crunchy, salty flavorful snack that’s satisfying is just what I needed to curb the stress munchies.  Not to worry, I didn’t eat them all!

The great folks at Riceworks were nice enough to give us so many that we’re sharing them with you.  Actually, I think it was always their intention that we do a giveaway :)  With so many flavors to choose from, I have no doubt you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with.  My favorite is the Salsa Fresca, but as you can see the Sea Salt and Black Sesame has earned a place on my desk.

Riceworks chips are made from all natural whole grain rice.  They’re wheat and gluten free making them a great snack for those of you with a gluten intolerance.

Email us at www.thefitgirlsdish@gmail.com and tell us why you’d love to try Riceworks!