Hey all! How are we doing? Happy Tuesday and more importantly, happy October! My favorite freakin month of the year. I feel like its been forever since I’ve written, when actually its only been two days since you last heard from me. Funny how it feels like an eternity!

Anyway,  unfortunately I am feeling so sick these days. As if there are not enough downfalls to being sick, the one that bothers me most is changes to my appetite. My consumption has been limited to chicken noodle soup, ham and egg sandwiches (weird sickness craving), Greek yogurt and ICE CREAM. Full fat – don’t give a damn about being clean because I’m sick – ICE CREAM. Slow Churned cookies and cream to be exact.  I hate when I’m not eating a ton of meals throughout the day and giving my body the nutrients it needs.  When this sickness is over I’m in dire need of a smack down on clean eating. Seriously.

The good thing is that I haven’t been giving up on my workouts. When I was a dancer I ALWAYS felt better after sweating it out, so as much as I dont think I have it in me at the time, I know it’s necessary to push through. Last night after a day shift at the bar, I headed to a Total Body Conditioning class at NYSC that under normal circumstances is not challenging enough, but with the way I felt was just enough to get me sweating but not over-exert myself.

Some pics from yesterday:

These were my saviors throughout the work day. Cough drops & Emergen-C. Emergen-C is the issshhhh.

Later, I popped by a nearby diner before the gym to have some more chix soup and a shitty cup of coffee. I looked at it and felt so heavenly. I thought, “I feel like I could sit here by myself at this shitty NYC diner and read my book and drink shitty cups of coffee for hours”‘. That was until I took a sip of the shitty coffee. Then I realized I wouldn’t made it past 3 sips. Anyway, the soup was very good, and also one of my favorite things to do these days is chill in a public place by myself – blogging, reading, whatever.  I get that very content feeling whenever i do it.

I swear I have a lot of friends.

After tackling work and the gym, I stopped by Best Buy for this amazzzing little show!

AHS was one of my favorites from last year and I am so pumped to relive season 1 and prep for season 2.

Other shows I’m loving right now – the Voice and the Newsroom.

What shows do you guys love? What are you most excited about October for? (my birthday is the 24th, you can start there) ;)

Talk soon.