• 1 1lb bag of dark melting chocolate, broken into small pieces if whole
  • 1-2 tbs shortening
  • 10-20 marshmallows
  • 1 package graham crackers, finely crushed

If you’re anything like us, you love a good S’more, but a campfire isn’t always readily available.

In our house there was a point in time when the kids were roasting marshmallows over the flame of our gas stove.  They’ve also used the miniature fire pots that decorate our deck table, that one is compliments of Ava  ;-)

Here’s a fun way to make s’mores for a crowd.  Now that seasonal parties are right around the corner, this is a great dessert that’ll make you look like a rock star!  If you’re making this for a halloween party, try adding two white dots to the chocolate as it melts for ghost eyes

Here’s what you’ll need:

pot of boiling water with a metal bowl to rest on top or if you have a double boiler, even better

wooden sticks or other decorative toothpicks.  Ours are from Restaurantware

we also used square vanilla flavored marshmallows from Terrain, you can use any brand

parchment lined baking sheet

floral foam

here’s the kicker, we used a torch that attaches to a can of butane (available at any kitchen store) but alas being the improvising family we are, Chloe used a household stick lighter

Boil water

skewer marshmallows

place chocolate in bowl, whisk with fork to melt.  Slowly add shortening to chocolate.  The shortening will give it a shiny consistency and allow you more time to work with it.  Look for a smooth consistency that will create a nice stream when you lift the fork.  Be careful not to make it too watery.  If that happens, add more chocolate

gently dip marshmallow halfway into chocolate, sprinkle with as much graham cracker as you like

place pick in floral foam to set.  

just before serving, remove pick and stick it into the chocolate end.  Now you can torch the marshmallow.  If you’re using a torch, it’s pretty powerful so you’re going to want to keep it moving.  I would assume the stick lighter takes a bit longer.  

If there’s not too much drinking involved, you can also let your guests torch their own marshmallows

Get creative, reuse the floral foam as a based for your pop display.  Cover it with shredded coconut, moss, graham crackers, anything that fits your theme.  You may have to spray it with an adhesive first