So, this past weekend was my FABULOUS, fabulous birthday weekend.  Dinner, brunch, dinner again.  Drinks, presents, photo shoot.. No bartending shifts..It was just everything I would have wanted and more!  Anybody that knows me knows that I love/totally don’t mind being the one to organize plans, my own birthday included! I spend a crazy amount of time researching restaurants in NYC.  I sort through reviews, decor, menus etc. so that when the time comes that I need to make reservations, I can just refer back to my list and not stress over finding a place.  The only issue with this, you may be surprised to find out, is that it seems like EVERY restaurant on my list is always booked solid when it comes time for me to book.  What can I say – I want to go to the best spots! I knew I wanted to 100% make dinner reservations, as well as brunch, and while it took some shmoozing over the phone and using the B-DAY card with some hostesses, I wound up with reservations at two amazing spots.

Dinner was Tijuana Picnic, a LES hotspot, and I highly recommend it.  Seriously cool decor, perfect lighting, DELICIOUS food & drink menu, and dangerously close to the best bars on the Lower East Side – the perfect place for a Friday night with the girls!

In short. #bday

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But on to the main part of this post: Brunch at Sotto 13.  If you live in NYC and you’re a serious bruncher, then I have no doubt you’ve already been to Sotto.  It has been featured on countless NYC brunch guides, been a part of many birthdays, and generally just gets tossed around all the time as an idea for brunch.  I usually don’t make it to brunch as I’m bartending until 4am most weekend nights, but I’ve been hearing about Sotto 13 for at least a year now and found that since I had the entire weekend off for my birthday, this was the perfect opp!

Adorable interior, natural lighting, and a yummy menu make for the perfect brunch spot.  It is honestly one of the most cozy and inviting places I’ve ever dined in.  It’s Italian-inspired food and housed in a charming little brownstone.

We were all so hungry (and I was hurting from the night before) that I didn’t even get the quintessential “foodie brunch pic” when all of the food was on the table.  It wasn’t until 50% of our meal was done that I took a photo, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it!

The way this brunch works:

NOT bottomless, however with this fantastic deal you don’t even need it.  $35 per person gets you 1 pizza per two people, two entrees, two sides, and two pitchers of mimosas, Prosecco, or Bloody Mary’s.  Because there were 5 of us, we got two pizzas, an entree of French Toast, Market Vegetable Frittata, and a side of bacon.  They even gave us 2 1/2 pitchers of mimosas, which I thought was nice :)  For a dessert they served us fried donut holes.  Fried donut holes! Amazing.

 We were joking the whole time that we felt soooo basic, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way! Haha.  Sometimes you just gotta be a typical chick! Can’t wait to go back with my lovely ladies.

Have a great day!