Moooooorning amigas! Did you miss us yesterday? We didn’t get around to posting because sh*t was hitting the fan, per usual.  I will spare you the details.

Yesterday started with a nice pre-workout bowl of Kashi Apple Cinnamon oatmeal, topped with almonds, pepitas and chia seeds..Oh yeah, and a glop of Justin’s Almond butter.


Nothing too filling before a workout..

Since I am soooo bad at managing my time and didn’t prepare for the extra 20 minutes spent at Duane Reade pharmacy, my workout was cut a little short.  10 minutes on the treadmill, alternating between sprinting and jogging at an incline, followed by some biceps.  All I had time for today! :(

I knew my mom was coming in for lunch, so afterwards I snacked on some sliced apple and peanut butter to hold me over.

How perfectly whipped up does that PB look?! Perfecto

I also opened up my Self magazine for a minute and enjoyed a bottle of Zico, which has become my new obsession.

Showered, went downtown to meet with some incompetent people (the minor detail I will provide), and then rushed to a lunch with my visiting mom before work!

Mexican was the deal! Mainly because that’s where she found  a parking spot…

Mama Steph opted for the Black Bean soup….

While I went for the less clean chicken quesedilla..

If I’m going to eat a quesedilla, it’s usually one I make at home with reduced fat cheese, greek yogurt and some veggies inside..but since I was shhhhakingly hungry (HATE that! Shame on me), I figured I was due for a splurge.  I DID however scoop the sour cream off with a  knife..I hate sour cream. Bleh.

After that it was a rush to work where I snacked on granola and a banana and later had an Asian Steak salad for dinner.  Feelin’ pretty lean my friends, feelin’ pretty lean.

What’s your splurge?! How often do you allow yourself to..Once a week, once a day? We want to hear!