Last week, myself and a few other Fitfluential Ambassadors had the opportunity to meet up with Subway Nutritionist, Lanette Kovachi. The purpose of our lunch was to hear all about Subway’s new grilled chicken strips, which are all white chicken and made with no artifical preservatives, colors or flavors. They are lightly seasoned with salt and fit just perfectly into Subway’s Fresh Fit (under 6g fat) progam.

Subway was kind enough to feed us lunch while we sat down for a Q&A with Lanette. We were lucky enough to not only try the chicken strips, but to enjoy them any way we wanted (any sandwich combo or salad!) I honestly hadn’t eaten at Subway in years and was eager to try the chicken on a spinach and tomato salad.

Lanette was very informative in our Q&A, as we definitely had some questions! We kind of veered off topic for a minute and asked about Subway’s breads, which I knew that the company was making changes to, however I wasn’t clear on the details. Did you know that Subway reduced sodium, eliminated ADA and added whole grains to their breads? I am happy to report that Subway is truly making an effort to continue to make positive and healthier changes to their menu, and it was a pleasure to meet with representatives from the company!

Do you guys eat at Subway? Have you tried the new chicken strips yet?!

Have a great Monday!



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