Ever taste a baked good that is so fresh, so moist, and so dang tasty that it makes your eyes roll to the back of your head?  I can say that this hasn’t happened to me until I tasted a bite of Sugar with Style.  For me, I find that 99.9% of the time sweets always look better than they taste.  Even at the best restaurants, I find that the desserts are too dry, not ooey-gooey enough, or something is just off.  They look soooo pretty, and then that first bite is a disappointment.  Let me tell you, this is not the case with Sugar With Style.  I am by no means a sweets fiend (SALT, BABY!),but these baked goodies have got a girl hooked.  I’m not even slightly biased because they’re made by one of my best girlfriends.

My bestie, the baker.  Amanda Sims prides herself on baking goods FROM SCRATCH with ingredients that are all organic.  She makes them from home (with love, of course!) and adds her personal creative touch to everything that she makes.  But enough of my chatter, let’s get to the pictures.

Fig and Walnut Bread with a Maple Drizzle

(figs were picked off of Amanda’s cousin’s fig tree and then dried in the oven for 8 hours! Um, drool).

Organic Apple Cider Beer Donuts (drenched in cinnamon sugar, obvi!)

We had these donuts the other night at our friend Lauren’s birthday party, and they are the best damn donuts I’ve ever had in my life.  Yes, plural.  You don’t just have one of these bad boys..You have many.

Mini Layered Rosette Cake with Homemade Vanilla Icing

Fruit Tart with Homemade Custard and Sugar Cookie Crust

Dulce De Leche cake with Marshmallow Icing covered with Shaved Coconut and Whole Pecans

Double Vanilla layered cake (Ombre Pink on the inside!!!)

Layered German Chocolate Cake drenched in a Nutty Icing Glaze

(nah, for real though?! This deserves a face plant)

Almond Bundt Cake with Powdered Sugar

Lemon Poppy Layered Cake with Lemon Icing and Poppy Seeds

So, are you drooling yet? Because I certainly am.  What I wanna know is how I used to LIVE WITH THIS GIRL and I had no idea these talents were hidden.  I’m also grateful, because my college 15 would have turned into a college 30.

Amanda bakes everything from her home in Floral Park, Long Island.  For inquiries you can reach her at afsims311@gmail.com.  If you’re in the Long Island/NYC Area you should def hit her up for your birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower etc. – she’s got a great tasting service going on here!