Hey, Ava here.  So I get home from a long day of work today to Skype with my mom, and we’re talking as I read over her dinner recipe post.  What awesome stuff! – Full ingredient list, directions given play by play of how to complete the recipe..then WAIT, hold the phone. “SQUID?! Really mom, squid?  Most people are trying to figure out how to give up fried chicken tenders, but you go right to suggesting grilled squid”.  We had a big laugh after that one.  I think what she meant to add to that post is to keep an open mind and fully step out of your comfort zone.  That dinner sure does sound yummy to me.

Anyway, my plan all day was to get out of work, go grocery shopping and make a delicious Sunday dinner.  But due to my brain’s lack of sleep and function, I decided to come home and make the simplest and cleanest meal a lazy Fit Girl could muster.  Banana, Almond Butter, and Apple butter sandwich on Ezekial bread.  This meal is better suited for lunch/pre work-out, but when your fuzzy brain manages to come up with an idea, you go with it.

Being exhausted doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and stop for a slice of pizza.  Whether you have the time for a glass of wine and a beautiful squid&veg dinner, or you want to make a quick sandwich and crawl in bed with a movie, being clean is so damn easy, and ALWAYS possible.  The plan is to be back on my own meal making grind tomorrow; Maybe I’ll have my own snazzy dinner to share ;)