Hey there fit foodies!  It’s Sunday as you know and to me, there’s no better day to plan your weekly meals than today.

I’m lucky enough to have Ava home with me for the next two days and all the boys will be in the house later today, that means meals, meals, meals.  When I finish this post I’m headed to “my happy place” Whole Foods.  I do have staple meals that I revert to, but I’m a recipe girl at heart.  Once I try a recipe I can tweak it if need be, but I don’t have the confidence to go all out on my own.  That said, I’ve got my current issue of Clean Eating in hand and as always, there’s a ton of recipes I want to try.

When I do my weekly shopping I plan on at least 3 dinners.  I find that planning beyond that leads to wasted food.  Other than that, with fresh fruits and veggies and some pantry staples, I can usually throw another meal or two together.  I can always pop back out to grab a few more ingredients if need be mid week.

I read something in Clean Eating this month that really caught my eye and I wanted to share it with all of you as we should all be well informed consumers no matter what we’re buying.  The info read as follows:

Check the sticker codes on all produce.  4 digit codes indicate the produce was conventionally grown, 5 digit codes that begin with the number 9 mean organic and 5 digit codes that begin with the number 8 indicated the fruit or veggie is GENETICALLY MODIFIED!  crazy huh?


Now to the recipes I’m going to try this week:

ZUCCHINI BREAD – compliments of the Whole Foods site, I was checking for coupons.  I am going to make one modification.  They call for sugar, but I will be substituting agave nectar.

GINGER CHICKEN SOUP – just because I love soup and make one at least once a week

PINEAPPLE PEPPER PORK – this looks like a crowd pleaser, so it’ll be dinner tonight

MEDITERRANEAN CHICKEN PASTA – another thing I like to cook weekly, some type of pasta, makes for a great lunch the next day or two if I’m lucky!

BLUEBERRY CRUMBLE MUFFINS – these look so damn good and they’re clean!  my little tweaking tip – add some lemon zest to blueberry muffins, it’s the perfect compliment

I hope this inspires you to get out there and plan your week.  LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU’RE MAKING

:-D  S