Hey all! I bet you guys are bummed it’s Monday and to be back at your desk.  Well you can hear about how I spent my Sunday and feel a lot better!  :lol:

I bartended all day on Sunday, staring miserably out of the big windows thinking – Why am I here? Why am I not at the beach? Oh well- I guess that’s life.  I had 2 breakfasts yesterday, as I often do.

The first was Amish Coffee, banana nut bread from the Amish market (ummmm..amazing) and a Blood Orange Chobani. This was a great way to kick-start my day.

THEN, when I decided I was hungry for another breakfast I had this yummy sucker of an Omelet. Whites, tomate, gruyere cheese, asapargus, topped with avacado. Funny I HATED eggs growing up and now I just can’t get enough.

I snacked on granola and an apple throughout the day, rushed to a Total Body Conditioning class around 7pm  at NYSC, and then went straight to Fairway market for some dinner goods.  The plan for tonight was to make my friends Ashley and Leo a dinner for doing me the HUGE favor of offering up the spare bedroom in their apartment for a little while.  Turns out, Ashley is away this week for Air Force stuff, and I was too damn beat after two back to back bar shifts that I prepared a lazy dinner..an amazing lazy dinner.


I was in the market trying to figure out what I could whip together in a matter of minutes since I was already starving.  Walked by this beauty of a rotisserie chicken and found my answer.

I knew I had some rice at the apartment, but we still needed a veg.  A quick walk over to the counter and BAM – freshly made broccoli robe.  I got a half a pound of this for a measly $3.00.  The chicken was $6.99 and the rice I had at home couldn’t have costed me more than $2.50.  I was showing the receipt to Leo when I got back to show him JUST how cost – effective the grocery store is..even if it’s a meal I can’t take credit for (Ashley, a food budget lesson awaits you as well).  Meal for two with leftovers for under $13.  Can’t beat it.

Alsoooo before I left the grocery store…I did a neck-breaker walking past these pretty young things.



This is how it went:

Break neck…take a few steps backwards…get a better look…then the quickest snatch off any shelf I have ever performed.  I love pretzels.  I love yogurt.  This was meant to be.

I ended up snacking on these before I was even fully digested from dinner.  OH wait, dinner!

Ahh, how lovely.  Yes that is a Miller Lite, because I am a classy effing broad.  I had my beer in one hand and my camera in the other and then thought, WAIT, let’s be real here.  Of course it is not logical to have a beer with dinner, especially since I was coming from a workout..but I was exhausted and wanted to celebrate the crazy work weekend being over, and knew just what would make me feel better.  Mmmm, beer.

My plate….shredded the chicken without the skin (I know, the best part)

His plate….notice the significantly larger portions.  And the dark bits of the chicken.

Ended my night watching an episode of Real Houswives of New Jersey since I just have soooo much to catch up on. Totally missed the closing ceremonies..totally missed Spice Girls performing..and totally missed the introductory night of Shark Week.  Thank god for internet and DVR.

Off to CT to visit my mom’s new house and to say Bon Voyage to the little sis who is moving to Florida this week.  Talk to you later!