Holy cow – a week since Thanksgiving! This week has just flown by.  Christmas will be here before we know it!

Speaking of Christmas, I just have to announce that I am 98% done with my Xmas shopping.  If you know me at all then you know I am a hot mess and procrastinator, so the fact that I am sitting in my room right now surrounded by what feels like billions of shopping bags speaks volumes.  It took me 5 years to realize this, but the later you wait in NYC to go shopping, the more you want to kill yourself.  OK, a bit dramatic, but Christmas shopping in the city can be STRESSFUL.  Anyway, on to TGiving.

We had a very calm and restful Thanksgiving this year.  Mimi and Poppy came over, and other than that it was just the usual household gang.  Chloe let me use her fancy camera, so I was playing around and documenting the day a little bit!

These roasted veggies were so, so yummy.  I thought I would get sick of eating leftovers by day 4, but I could have had my veggies, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and corn combo for breakfast lunch and dinner for another 3 days..easily.

Mom made some mulled hot cider, which we obviously spiked with some brandy.  Holy cow, this was good.

Apparently sipping Veuve Cliquot and exchanging Tiffany’s boxes was a thing in our house this year..? Hmm, lucky dog.

This table reminded me of the way I felt watching the food table (or imaginary food?! What the heck was that clay looking stuff!?) in the movie Hook.  So bright and colorful..I was quite literally salivating while taking these photos.

Lasagna & Green bean casserole were the two things that never made it to my plate. There was simply not enough room on my plate or in my stomach.

Chloe’s famous buttery mashed.

After we ate, we went for a walk.  We always go for a walk after our meal before dessert, mainly because we don’t want to sit around listening to each other cry and moan about how full we are.  Better to walk off the food coma! This year was extra special because Mom lives on the beach now.

When we came back, it was time for barista Chloe to whip up her special Nespresso macchiatos.  As delicious as these looked, I stuck with the red wine ;)

“Clean” bread pudding! One of the many dessert options we had.  I can never, ever make decisions on anything so of course a slice of every kind of pie made it to my plate.

We watched movies, played Trouble, drank lots of wine, ate too much, and overall had a great time.  We have a hard rule about staying in sweatpants on holidays..there’s just no better way to spend a holiday!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great and full of family and love.