Happy Friday! How the heck did the whole week disappear so quickly? The last few weeks I have been so busy that I feel like summer is already just FLYING by.  I feel like I have been working a ton, but then I remind myself that I’ve been making time for fun here and there when I can!

Lately, I’m really feeling like I’ve figured out the balance..in more ways than one.  I’ve found the balance between work and play, and also the balance between being super healthy but not skimping on indulgences.  Balance has always been the idea, but I’ve never really been great at executing.  I’m usually either all or nothing with things (being a health freak VS eating like a cow, working myself to the bone VS partying too much), but finally I am feeling really good about things these days!  It’s a welcome change.

Last Sat was spent in Jersey City, enjoying some beers and some amazing views of NYC and the river.  I can’t believe I chose to drink beer over wine, but then again, what better setting for an icy cold beer?

Again, I have been loving these Daily Good Greens from Aloha.  I either mix this into my smoothies or shake it up in a water bottle.

Usually I pack a yogurt bowl in a to-go container, but lately I’ve been realizing that buying some individual Fage cups isn’t such a bad idea as it saves a ton of space in my bag.  I just pack my fruit & granola in a zip-lock bag to use as a topping.

Pure Barre words of freakin’ wisdom.

Morning coffee & Kombucha – I salute you.

Tried to go to the Crow’s Nest on Monday night after work, but they were closed! Dangit.  Still dying to go to this outdoor drinking spot.

The bar was closed, however the view of the sunset was not . Man oh man, I love this city.

A desk lunch of spinach, carrots, brown rice, sun dried tomatoes & raisins.  Also a side of almonds for some added fat and fullness!

On a day where I didn’t pack food, I stopped at a market for an awesome ham & brie spinach wrap for lunch.  I love ham.  I love brie.  I love this sandwich.

Some delicious minty, yummy drinks at Banc! Nothing more refreshing than some mint-infused cocktails on a Manhattan summer night.

Have a great weekend!