Alright, peeps.  We’ve got a diet review for you today: The Dukan Diet.  As you know, we try to stay away from the word “diet”.  We try to maintain full, well-balanced lives by eating clean but also indulging in a cocktail or a slice of pizza every now and again (again, and again).  HOWEVER, with that being said, we enjoyed going through the Dukan Diet book and do believe that this diet can work for some people.  In fact, we have spoken to quite a few people that have tried this diet and have found success.  Celebs such as Maria Menounos and Jennifer Lopez also reportedly love this diet.  Let’s give you a crash course!

Lean protein, water, oat bran and a 20-minute walk a day is what’s integral about this plan.  You will be given an “Approved Foods” list that you can eat unlimited amounts of, and then given 4 different phases.

Phase 1: “Attack” Phase – Unlimited lean protein, 1.5 tbsp of oat bran (the only carb allowed in this phase), 6 cups of water

Phase 2: “Cruise” Phase – 28 vegetables allowed, no fruit, another 1/2 tbsp oat bran

Phase 3: “Consolidation” Phase – unlimited veggies, 1 piece of fruit per day, one portion of cheese, 2 slices whole grain bread, and a CELEBRATION MEAL

Phase 4: Stabilization Phase – This is where you aim to maintain the weight you’ve lost! Up to 3 tbsp of oat bran a day, and one day is dedicated entirely to protein.

Now, obviously this is the very, very abbreviated version.  The book is also packed with recipes, meal plans and workouts.  Basically, this is what we gather..

This diet is GOOD FOR YOU IF:

You have a lot of weight to lose

You like to follow a step-by-step plan

You don’t mind eliminating certain food groups altogether

You are looking to make a drastic lifestyle change

This diet is NOT GOOD FOR YOU IF:

You do not do well with restriction (yes, certain foods are unlimited, but that does NOT mean you can survive off of fat free yogurt all day)

You have a lactose issue (this diet is very heavy on dairy)

If you’re ready to make a serious dedication to this diet and getting summer-ready, we’ve got a copy of the Dukan Diet book to send you as well as a box of their Vanilla Oat Bran muffin mix! Just comment below and you will qualify!