Hey there! Hope the week is going well.  Today I wanted to highlight the fantastic Nespresso machine.  We’ve definitely talked about it here on the blog, but its been quite some time now.  If you’re not familiar, the Nespresso brews espresso and cappuccinos by inserting coffee capsules into the machine.  It is the quickest, easiest thing ever! Think Keurig, but kicked up a notch.  There are so many different types of capsules, varying in flavor and strength in coffee.  I wanted to highlight this product again because I feel like it is SO necessary to have in your home if you’re planning on hosting holiday parties this year.  My mom is such the entertainer that she has both a Keurig and an Espresso, and the woman doesn’t even drink coffee!! She just aims to please her guests, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.  It’s such a treat to be able to serve your friends and family post-pie espresso with just the push of a button.  Seriously, after a Thanksgiving food coma, your guests will be so grateful to you for serving them a pick-me-up! Who wouldn’t want to feel like a Barista in their own home?!