Hey all! Happy Tuesday! I’m feeling good because after this looong day and night of work I’ll have a few days to myself to do the typical NYC Christmas things – go to the holiday markets, visit the good ol’ tree, ice skating in Bryant Park..all that jazz.  Christmas will be here before we know it and all we’ve done so far is get a tree and put some lights on it!  :roll: (Although, it is a 6-foot tree!!!! Totally not common to have room for a 6 footer in an NYC apartment.  We feel lucky).

Anyway, remember when we talked about Holiday Drinks the other day and all of their hidden calories?  That got me to thinking about how many people order certain “health foods” thinking they are eating clean, but are really missing out on the nutrition.  The example I’ll use now is a parfait.  When we think parfait we think – Yogurt+Fruit=Healthy.  Uh, yeah – not always.  9 times out of 10 when a Yogurt Parfait is already prepared and sold to you at a store, it adds up to almost half the calories we should be consuming in a whole meal! Hidden sugars in the yogurt and in the syrup at the bottom are what will really turn this Could-be Health Treat into a real pant buster.

A yogurt parfait from Starbucks will cost you 350 calories, 35g sugar and will give you a spanking of 22% of the carbs you should be consuming in an entire day.  The perfect parfait is only guaranteed if you prepare it yourself at home.  Be creative and buy fruits that are in season, your favorite plain yogurt (AHEM, Chobani), add your favorite nuts, toss in some chia seeds, and even some honey if you’d like.  Enjoy your delicious and cost-effective yogurt the way it should be – Guilt Free! :)