Hey yaaaaaa’ll! Boy was I happy to see this package.  Our friends over at thinkThin were kind enough to send us over a batch of their newest line of protein bars – their Lean Protein & Fiber Bar line.  I’m sure you’re no stranger to the brand themselves, as they seem to be EVERYWHERE these days.  I usually try to steer clear of protein bars because of all the crazy ingredients added, but I became a fan of thinkThin a few years ago after realizing that all of their bars are low in sugar and non-GMO.

This particular line of bars is even better than any other; each bar has 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber all for just 150 calories! Can’t beat that.  They’re also gluten-free for all you non-glutens out there!

Ooooh, come to mama.

There are 5 amazing new flavors:

Chocolate Almond Brownie

Chunky Chocolate Peanut

Salted Caramel

Honey Drizzle Peanut

Cinnamon Bun White Chocolate

There are also 2 limited edition flavors; 1 of which I had after a bike ride – the pumpkin spice! Deeeelish.

And this guy..Oh, this guy.  The dark chocolate peppermint is also a limited edition flavor and I am a huge fan.  Kind of put me in the mood for Christmas, though!

Overall I think these bars are a great on-the-go snack that will make you feel full, but not heav –  as some protein bars tend to do.  If you see these at the store, grab them! Then tell us what you think!

Enjoy your Thursday!



I was not compensated for this post; Product provided by thinkThin.  All opinions expressed are my own.