Yeah I hope when you read that title you started singing Montell Jordan’s version..

Anyway – SUMMER PICNIC – This is how we do it…

Cheese, cheese, cheese!  In our house there’s no such thing as a bad cheese.  We know that technically cheese is not a clean food with it’s high fat and caloric content, but to me, by definition of a “clean food”  cheese is all natural and unprocessed :)  Yes, there I said it!  I may be fooling myself, but I’m not a fool when it comes to packing a picnic.

Presentation is key.  Baskets and any platters you may have work wonders to make it look like you went that extra mile.  Here’s what we had today.  Our salad, what we like to call “summer salad” with greens, fruit & cheese.  The cheeses:  manchego for a hard cheese, brie, humbolt fog (a family fav), a nice spanish goat blue and today’s mystery try ,a balsamic infused cow’s milk cheese, another hard cheese.  We like to accompany the cheese with sliced fruits such as strawberries & grapes as shown here, but anything will do.  This plate has an apple jam, but fig jam works well too, yum.  Most days we have natural honeycomb, yum again.  Today we went a little crazy with the meat selection.  It’s usually either an aged salami or proscuitto, but today, it’s anything in the Whole Foods deli case that caught my eye.  Always we have thinly sliced salty ciabatta bread, basil, extra virgin olive oil & an aged balsamic glaze.  The glaze may be costly, but there’s no need to use a lot.  It’s very concentrated so it will literally last a year.

To accompany our cheese plate we have a bowl of fresh cherries, chocolate covered berries & cookies, mimosas, plenty of wine & of course water.

So “this is how we do it!”  HOW DO YOU PICNIC?