Fondue Party: One of the BEST party ideas for the upcoming holiday season.  You essentially cook your own food, it’s a great conversation starter for strangers, and everything is just so darn delicious.  Long gone are the days where we have one pot for cheese (still one of our favorite parts though) and one pot for chocolate.  As you know with us, we like to go above and beyond…. ;)

Peach Schnapps Soaked Pineapple Appetizer

Chicken Stock, Spring Rolls, Veggie Dumplings :)

Shrimp tempura, salmon, tuna, calamari

Fish stock!

Beauuuutiful meats!

Onion rings, anyone?!

Can’t forget the VEGGIES!

Salami, Sausage….We’re equipped for whatever you’re craving.

 Let me tell you something, it is most definitely a perk to live with a chef (umm, talking about Mark – not one we hired), but what can we say – we love to entertain! Why not provide a spread with something for the fish lover AND the meat lover?  We maaay have been a little crazy to host this party the night before Thanksgiving, but our happy tummy’s made it worth it.

So when are you going to have your fondue party?!


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