I am the first to admit that I am a creature of habit.  I watch my Sex and the City box set over and over and OVER again and never tire of its wit.  I have a zillion shirts in my closet yet find myself wearing the same handful on rotation.  I am the same way with my food – you saw my grocery list – I pretty much stick to the same routine. (DAMN I sound boring!) But that’s just me, what can I say?! I like what I like.  This past week was a good money week for me and so what did this Fit Girl spend her extra cash on?  More groceries! I had some fun at the store and bought things that weren’t part of my usual, but at the same token did not impress myself with stepping outside of the box.  This got me to thinking..If YOU are reading this blog and taking our advice and changing your eating habits, then certainly I can afford to break some habits as well.  Tonight I vow to make something from a recipe entirely new to me, and will definitely let you know how it goes. No, this does not mean I’m going to eat frog legs for my Sunday dinner.  Not THAT out of the box.

 Anyway, as it’s going to be a nice gorgeous Sunday Summer day, how about a sandwich classic for lunch, clean style? I personally LOVE egg & chicken salad, yet refrain from eating it anywhere other than within my apartment because I cannot stand a sandwich loaded with Mayo as most deli’s tend to do.Simple egg salad with egg whites (you can throw a few yolks in there if you wish), one teaspoon low-fat mayo, spicy mustard, chopped celery and pickles on toasted Ezekial bread.  I have a pickle obsession like Snooki so naturally those made the cut.  Throw whatever you want in there!  Pair it with a nice glass of unsweetened Iced Tea and kick back outdoors for a few.

Enjoy the day! Still can’t believe its summer.

Charlotte: “OH my God! Vagina Weights!”

Samantha: “Honey, my vagina waits for no man.”