Tofu lovers! This one’s for you.  Let me start off by saying that I can’t take credit for this idea.  This simple, tasty, genius idea is given credit to the Instagram account Fitalicious_me.  Check her out for delicious desserts, vegan creations and other tasty treats.

This idea is SO amazing for someone like me because I often buy so much tofu only to throw it out.  The reason it gets thrown out is because I pretty much think of tofu as a lunch and dinner food (I usually think stir fry), but oftentimes I find myself either out to lunch, out to dinner, or eating dinner at work.  Therefore, all of the grocery foods I shop for pertaining to lunch and dinner become useless.  Tofu for breakfast, though? That works for me!

Prepare tofu by pressing out all of the moisture with a paper towel and cutting into medium-thick slices.  Think of the thickness of a piece of bread! Then “season” the bread with cinnamon, coat your pan with coconut oil, and cook tofu pieces for 3 minutes on each side.

DONE.  Now I know these pictures aren’t that pleasing to the eye, but I was more anxious to share this post with tofu lovers than to wait until I can get some good pictures :)

It really is surprisingly delicious, and I’m so excited that I never have to throw away tofu!

Don’t forget to drizzle with syrup.

Enjoy :)