Hello! Happy Saturday AM.  All I want to talk about is the weather, but I know many of you are probably thinking “Dude, shut UP already about the weather already”.  But it’s hard, I won’t lie.  Must not talk about weather, must not talk about weather….

So first up, some breakfast~

Just some cinnamon crumble Kashi cereal, a big ol’ dollop of Justin’s Choc PB, and some Silk almond milk.  Paired with my usual French Van, splash coconut milk, 1 Stevia.

And now, the good stuff..

Yesterday I woke up, went to the gym, stopped by the fancy shoe store on 86th street, immediately darted to the table with the beautiful leather boots and tried/bought two new pairs.  Side note: I am indecisive about EVERYTHING.  This is one of my least favorable qualities about myself.  Seriously, who doesn’t get annoyed at that person who can’t make up their mind?  Soooo instead of standing around in the store for a half hour contemplating, I decided both were beautiful and needed a place in my closet.  I haven’t gotten ANY Fall boots yet, so this was justified..right?

I love…..Tough, but still clean enough for my style.

What really got me on these was the ombre-ish yummy color and the fact that the heel is the perfect size to take me from day to night.

Both are Clarks Shoes ($130-$150, which is really not bad considering they are getting a whole season’s use!)

This is now my Fall collections of booties (meaning, tall equestrian boots not included ;) )

The one’s allllll the way on the right are Payless for $50 that I just purchased a few weeks ago..I bought them because I honestly don’t feel that they look cheap compared to the other genuine leather boots that I own.

The short black ones are Lucky Brand and I wore the shit out of them last year which is why they are crunchy looking and resemble the shoe that goes into the “Dip” in the Roger Rabbit movie.  You know what I’m talking about?

Ahhh, that’s better.  Haha.


Later in the night, I met up with my gal Christie who was visiting from Milan.  She’s fantastic and beautiful and ugh, I could gush forever.  Some pics from that adventure are on Instagram (avaimprota)

And lastly, to complete the toughest day of my life (ha!), I picked up a mini cheesecake as a treat to myself for the endless walking I did that day.


What I didn’t realize until I got home and opened the box is that the dude hooked me up with two more little cakes.  Damn, it pays off to be nice.

Well that’s it, I gotta roll!  A friend is waiting for me outside right this second to take a trip to Tar-Jay.  Gotta looooooove Target!