Hey all! Reporting to you this morning before a CLEAN brunch and a hike with some good friends.  Thank goodness we all have the day off and amazing weather today to really get our fitness on after yesterday’s food shenanigans.  Speaking of yesterday, we wanted to a recap on our very looovely Thanksgiving day.

Sunshine, some fall colored accents, the smell of food.  Perfection.

For starters we had an amazing butternut squash soup and an even better salad.  The salad contained arugula, pear, blueberries, gorgonzola, pom seeds, beets & tomatoes.

Afterwards we took a mimosa (and egg nog) break in efforts to digest a little before the big dinner.

For sides: Roasted Veggies, Green Bean Casserole..

Apple and Sausage stuffing (recipe courtesy of Eating Well Mag), Chloe’s famous mashed potatoes, and corn.  Stuffing is a favorite for Thanksgiving around here, and I definitely went back for seconds!

We also had these two beggars waiting nearby :)


After eating we went outdoors for some game playing and meal burning while dessert was in the oven.  We DID take a picture of our desserts, however the quality was sacrificed because honestly..at that point we didn’t care about a good pic – we just wanted to eat it!!! “Clean” bread pudding, apple pie, pumpkin pie, peach pie, banana bread, blueberry crumble, egg nog ice cream (omg).  #FoodComa at its finest.  Hope you all had a great day with your families! Can’t wait to share some great workouts and meal ideas as we get prepare for December!