Hey peeps.  I know you’re all getting to rock out on a Saturday night, as are we…but hopefully you can start your Sunday morning catching up with us.

To pick up where we left off……

After dinner last night I was craving ice cream..not Fro-Yo – the real deal.

1 scoop butter pecan, 1 scoop mint chocolate chip. Yuuuuum.

After that we headed back to the condo to get ready for the night, and ended up at Broadway at the Beach at around midnight.  Par for the course if we were still in NYC, but for Myrtle Beach, that’s a pretty late start.  Nevertheless, the bars were PACKED.  We throughly enjoyed perusing the “outfit choices” while we were in line.  Whoa Nelly, we are not in New York City anymore.  Although….I’m sure I got some weird stares from people too.

Recognize this top from that Babe on a Budget segment? And remember that skirt that everyone has from American Apparel? Only I didn’t get it at AA, I got it at Buffalo Exchange for $5.  Sweet. deal.

Meagan, JJ and I went to a dueling piano bar and had a BLAST.  We met a fun group of people who we then went to another bar/club with.  Drinks are so friggin cheap here.  We would order our Ketel Rocks and be like “UM WHAT?! THAT’S IT?! ARE YOU SURE?” I am like a kid in a candy store.  Or an extremely discounted Ketel store, whichever.

Fast forward to this morning.  While Meagan was making turkey sandwiches for the day and hard-boiling some eggs, I got to work on a quick breakfast.  1 part egg 2 part egg white scramble with green peppers and tomato.  Side of Cinnamon Raisin bagel thin topped with Laughing Cow cream cheese spread.  Ya know, to soak up the alcohol.

And after a day of blissful beach time, we headed indoors for some dinner.

One of my favorites – FISH TACOS 

Grouper with a cilantro salsa, avacado, brown rice with veg and collard greens

Not pictured is the big pot of buttered shrimps, which were also on a second plate I made  :-|

This coconut water was bomb.

And for now, that’s all folks.  Time to get back to my vacation nation.  Talk soon!