Hey all! So as you can see, we’re getting around to posting a litttttle later than usual today.  Hey, better late than never, right? Maybe..? Last night my plan was to come home at a decent time and get my ish together for a Farmer’s Market post today.  Didn’t happen.  Yesterday was a day o’ fun, and sometimes you have to just go with it, ya know?

After a filling and hearty breakfast of Egg whites, one over easy egg, fruit and toast topped with peanut butter and apple butter, I started off my day with shopping until I almost dropped (seriously, shopping is exhausting.  I know, tough life).  Many cute clothes which I will not be sharing with you just yet – never fear, there are more Babe on a Budget posts to come! What I WILL share though, are these awesome Puma’s that I got in efforts to push myself to get to hip hop class more often, as well as start filming those dance videos I have been promising!

Is there anything better than a runny egg on toast?! Nope.

 I love. <3 <3 <3

Three shopping bags later, I popped by the Union Square Farmer’s Market.  Here, I took a thousand and one pictures – which I promise will be up in a day or two. Note to self: get your ish together.

Here’s a peek at my purchases though!

Cider donuts, Apple Crisp bread, whole wheat bread, Cheese, and teeny little pumpkins.  Holy CARB BOMB, but I live in an apartment full of people with Sweet Tooth syndrome, so in my mind this was justified.  Cheese is all mine though, so back off.  Ha Ha.

Shortly after, I met up with my girl Leanna for a sushi dinner.  Leanna is gorgeous and chill as hell.  I met her a few years back working in an UES bar – where we then found out we went to the same school, and OH YEAH, had Business Law together.  Shows how much we paid attention in school.  Friends til the end.

This was perfection.

And THEEEEEN, as if I hadn’t accomplished enough for the day, I went over to the Empire Hotel rooftop for my girl Orly Shani‘s event with Effen Vodka.  I missed most of the happenings, but had a drink there and then we went to P.J Clarke’s downstairs.  A few drinks, good conversation, and met some new, very cool people.  Good times, man, good times.

Now I bid you adieu (spell check?) to get some kind of workout in before I head into the bar for the night.  My minutes in the actual gym this week have been lacking, but I’ve been trying to break up a sweat at home anyway I can.  Maybe I can finally get to choreographing for you guys…?

Anyway, see you tomorrow for Fashion Friday!  Yaaaaaay.