Hey Guys! Halfway through the week already, how about that?

I for one am in a FANTASTIC mood because I am seeing my favorite band nice 7th grade tonight, INCUBUS. ¬†They’re playing with Linkin Park and I am mentally preparing myself for a bitchin time.

Anyway, since I extended my stay in CT even longer I was lucky enough to have a breakfast with my fellow FGD author.

Sprouted Grain Flax Waffle mixed with cinnamon and topped with berries and Sweet Agave.

The cat dog was lurking nearby…

Sprawled across some Vera Bradley…EVERYONE is high maintenance in this house..

Momma Steph looking adorable in Hudson jeans and Sperry’s…

My white today includes this MJ “Beat it” shirt….#EVERYDAYISMJDAY

Enjoy the rest of your Wed…hope you go for “hump day” cocktails later.