Wow.  That about sums up my recent experience at Winvian.  You know I like me some pampering, but this was on whole different level.

I hope I don’t bore you, but I feel I have to give you the whole story to share in our experience.  Last week was both mine and Mark’s birthdays.  We usually take a short trip together to celebrate.  Since  this year he was away for mine and I was picking him up bright and early at the airport on his birthday, I wanted to do something special.

A new friend of mine has been telling me about this place with a name I can never remember.  He said Mark and I would love it there as it’s menu is farm to table from their land.  The day before Mark’s return I asked him to text me the name so I could find it.  Here’s the oddity, friends please don’t take offense, I don’t usually take recommendations from people as I have such high expectations.  For some reason, I whole heartedly trusted him.

Here was my vision.  Upon a quick lookup, I saw that the Winvian is in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills.  It’s about an hour from our home.  We’ve taken the drive in the past to tour their wineries, I know it’s a beautiful drive.  I was looking forward to a pleasant drive, catching up on the weeks events, enjoying a good dinner and hopefully a little romantic ambiance.   Jeff, my friend, told me the place was pricey, but well worth it.  He also told me to drop his name.  Ha, not my style, but when I saw that they had a wine cellar, I asked if he could get me a tour after dinner to up the romance factor.

Whoa, did this place exceed my expectations.

As we pull up to the gate, we’re greeted via intercom and welcomed to the property.  As the gates open and we travel down the driveway we see gardens, horses and just a stunning scenery.  When we enter the small courtyard to park, there is a woman waiting to greet us.  She welcomes us by name and takes us through the winding halls and staircase to directly to our table.  What?  It looks historic, well maintained and like something I want to explore.

We sit side by side facing one of the largest fire places I’ve seen, note we need to come back in the cooler weather.   I opt to place my purse on the floor rather than the back of my chair.  Out of nowhere a gentleman swoops in, whisks my purse off the floor and just as quickly places a small velvet stool by my side and replaces my purse on it.

Mark smiles at me and said, you brought enough money right?

There will be no photos taken of tonights meal, that’s for sure.

The menu arrives and we find it’s prefix.  This makes sense when almost everything is cultivated from the property.  We opt for different menu options so we can share and taste as much as possible.  We chose not to do the wine pairings, instead we ordered by the bottle.  Everything from the amuse bouche to dessert was elegantly presented, super fresh and mouthwatering.  Jeff was nice enough to add a lobster risotto to our meal and pay for one of our bottles of wine.  The whole experience was 3 hours.  It really was an experience.  The time flew by as we talked and laughed throughout the evening.

As we were wrapping up our evening, the properties general manager introduces himself and tells us he’s taking us on a tour.  I feel like we must have kept him up as it’s now 9:30pm.  That’s service.  Paolo takes us through the mansion and gives us a history lesson along the way.  There’s a beautiful library and a game room for guests to lounge in.  There are well decorated nooks and crannies with fireplaces and sitting areas everywhere including outdoor terraces.  The feeling is warm, cozy and inviting.  Alas, the wine cellar!  It was everything I hoped it would be.

Onto the part of the property where they host weddings, gorgeous!

But wait, there’s more!  The property has 18 cottages.  15 different architects designed the cottages making them one of a kind.  Paolo graciously ushers us to the properties vehicle and takes us on tour of the cottages.  Two of which were vacant, so he let us in.  Unbelievable.  I didn’t want to leave.  Crazy amenities, the most comfortable looking and inviting beds, insane bathrooms, and each room has a bar.  No, I mean a real wet bar, not a mini fridge.

The only thing we missed was the spa.  Of course they’re not open at that time of night.  As Paolo was sharing the wonders of the spa, I joking asked if they had a four handed massage.  He replied, it’s the best thing you’ll ever experience.  What?  Just another reason to return.  That and private yoga sessions.

By the end of the night, we were putty in Paolo’s hands.  Starry eyed, well fed and giddy from a perfect evening.  Paolo spent so much time with us, we were like old friends by the time we departed.

Exactly one week later Mark and I are still talking about Winvian.  It truly was a perfect evening.  We’ll be returning in the fall for a nights stay to fully enjoy everything it has to offer.

I highly recommend you save your pennies and head up there.  You won’t regret it. Prices for the cottages are all comparable to resorts of that caliber.