As loyal followers, I’m sure you’ve figured out that our family business is our off premises catering company Forks & Fingers, Catering by Design.

It’s something we’re very proud of.  We’ve worked together over the past 6 years to create a business that provides a personal experience from start to finish showcasing some amazing food.  It’s a team that we think works quite well.  Mark is the executive chef, running the kitchen and creating menus, while I’m in the front of the house.  I get the pleasure of being with our guests from the first phone call through managing their event.  Chloe’, well she’s everything in between.  She and Ali are my two right hands.  They’re the ones that keep everything running smoothly, from making sure an event is packed properly through the guests experience.  Ava may not be part of the daily grind here, but believe me, she put in her dues before hitting the big city.

Onto the fun.

Once a year, we take our “shop”, which works as our kitchen/office/warehouse/tasting area and transform it into a beautiful event space.  This event is our annual tasting.  This year we’ve chosen to focus on the flavors of fall.  I’m so excited, who doesn’t love a party?  The date?  Friday, November 1st from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

We have so many cool things going on that evening.  We’ve planned every experience from your arrival through your departure and even beyond.  Guests will be greeted with valet parking and guided to our step & repeat.  You’ll be welcomed with a menu of the foods to come throughout the night.  Listen to a jazz band, eat some amazing food, enjoy our signature cocktails and see what we do first hand.

Typically we invite our clients and other professionals in our industry, this year we’d like to invite 5 of our readers and a guest.  We try to keep the tasting intimate as all of us like to get the opportunity to mingle and converse with our guests.

Do you have an event coming up or would you like to meet us?  Please tell us why you would like to attend.  We’ll announce the attendees on Friday, October 25th.

Hope to see you there!

Steph, Ava, Chloe’ & Mark