OK, so sometime’s life is not like a box of chocolates.  I love chocolates.  I don’t always love life and the stress it brings me.  Work, relationships, finances; all things that on any given day can make us want to pull our hair out.  I had some very unexpected stress slap me in the face this past weekend, and this morning I woke up with a big honking zit on my chin.  Your welcome for the very attractive image I just gave you.  Anyway, I realized this morning that I had to do serious damage control – not only on my zit, but on my mental state.  Stress can be the devil, and here are 5 simple tips to combat it!

1.  Go for a walk.

I know, SO CLICHE.  But picture this:  The sun’s hitting your face, you have your headphones in listening to your favorite pick-me-up music, you’ve got time to think if that’s what you need.  One of my absolute favorite things about living in NYC is walking around with my headphones – it’s so different from being in a car with music blasting.  It’s intimate and I’m free to be in my own little world.  Trust me, very therapeutic.

2.  Maintenance!

By this, I mean the fun glammy, girly stuff.  Like getting a pedicure? Treat yourself.  Feeling a massage? SPLURGE.  You know what will make you feel better, so do it.  For me, I stuck to the Babe on a Budget way today and threw on a Boscia mask for 20 minutes and gave myself a little at-home manicure action.  Not pricy, not a big deal, but it still helped.

3.  Chat with girlfriends.

After my little situation this weekend, I was so fortunate to have girlfriends to lift my spirits and help talk things out.  Talking about your stress will relieve it, I swear!  If you have a boyfriend or a spouse, chat things out with them too.  Hello, that’s what they’re there for, right?  Support, baby – we all need it!

4.  Take a fitness class.

I find that taking a class when I’m stressed as opposed to working out on my own is the absolute best.  You’re focused, you’re motivated by the group setting, and you don’t have to think – just listen to what the teacher is telling you to do.  My favorite classes to take that clear my head are Spinning and Kickboxing – the classics!

5.  Eat clean.

Don’t turn to unhealthy foods in times of stress!!! It seems like a good idea (they don’t call it comfort food for nothin’), but it’s not.  The last thing you need to feel while stressed is bloated.  I don’t care what anyone says, looking good naked does amazing things for your confidence and stress level.  Eating clean makes you healthy and sexy from the inside out.  Maybe if I didn’t eat French Toast and french fries in times of distress yesterday, I wouldn’t have this honker on my chin! *Lesson Learned*

How do you combat stress? Any tricks and tips you’d like to share?!