Hey Hey.  First things first: Know when you stare at a word for a reeeeally long time and it starts to look and sound funny?  That happened to me as I was making the “5 ways” pic above.  I was trying to find a font for the word warm and then found myself saying “waaaarm.  warm. what a weird word. it looks funny.  am I even spelling it right?” Yes, clearly I am losing my mind.

Moving on, I’m glad I got the memo that fall is over and winter is upon us.  Clearly I am being sarcastic.  The last time I checked the weather was to see the upcoming Sandy conditions.  After that I just kind of neglected checking, so, shame on me.  That leads me to our 5 tips of the day ladies and gents.  Let’s beat the cold.

1.  Bundle up.  Luckily, it’s still that time of year where we can add some accessories that look cute and provide the warmth we need.  Come February, when temps seriously drop, looking cute is NOT a priority – know what I’m saying? Let’s take advantage of that now.

2.  Drink hot chocolate.  DUH.  You didn’t need this blog to tell you that.  Something about it brings that home-y comfort to our bellies that tea, coffee, or anything else cannot provide.  Yum yum.

3.   Go bowling.  A fun indoor activity that will have your competitive side going and get your body warmed up in no time.  Especially if you take advantage of your bowling shoes and slide-y floor and do the moonwalk all night.  Then you’ll really be sweating.  Doooo it.

4.  Make a favorite comfort food at home..the cleaner way.

Grab some whole wheat dough, some marinara, and some part-skim mozzarella for the simplest of at home Pizzas and throw that sucker in the oven for 15 min at 400 degrees.

5.  Have a cocktail, woman.  Whether you’re on the couch at home or in a cozy restaurant with girlfriends, a cocktail alllllways warms us up.

 Now go get warm!