All About Ava.  Wait, what?  Isn’t it always all about me?  JK, JK..  I guess my Mom kind of made me do this since she mentioned I would in her All About Steph post last week.  All good; I have to admit it was fun to think of a list of random facts about myself that you all probably didn’t know before.  Things you already do know: I’m sarcastic, I love beer, I live in NYC.  Things you may not have known: ….

  • I am an 80′s movie buff.  Fast TImes At Ridgemont High and 16 Candles are my favorite.
  • I am an 80′s fashion buff.  I love leather and high waisted, acid-wash denim.
  • OK, OK, I just LOVE THE 80′s…
  • I cannot make decisions for the life of me.  Big decisions are easy – for those I just go with my gut, always.  Small decisions are impossible.  Don’t ask me what type of food I’m in the mood for, what I want to do Friday night or what flavor ice cream I want.  Chances are there are 6 options going through my head and I simply cannot settle on one.
  • I really enjoy the sound of a can opening.  Think about it.  That “pop” sound is too good.  I feel like I’m witnessing a live commercial every time someone opens a can of Diet Coke and takes a swig.
  • I am somewhat addicted to food.  I eat a LOT, and frequently.  This is unfortunately why I have had to seriously UP my cardio – to counteract my addiction.  My mind is constantly thinking towards my next meal; What will I eat? When will I eat it? I am a 13 year old growing boy trapped in the body of a 5’2 petite girl.
  • I’ve watched my Sex and the City box set probably 1,000 times all the way through, and I will probably watch it 1,000 more times.  SATC is always relevant.
  • I too, like my mom, love Rap and R&B.  Biggie, Drake, Nikki Minaj, Aalyiah, En Vogue, Beyonce, Michael Jackson are some of my favorites.  I also listen to reggae, indie rock, house.  Incubus is my favorite band since I was 14.
  • My favorite “bad” food is Ramen Noodle.  Specifically the cup-o-noodle.  OMG Ramen, I can’t even think about it without salivating.
  • If my mom is border-line OCD, then I am border-line hot mess.  I am pretty much a walking disaster.  I lose everything, I break everything, I leave a tiny trail of terror everywhere I go.  I clean my room every day, only to create a tornado on my way out the door.  Organization is something I have always failed miserably at achieving.
  • I love coffee.  Love it.  I hate Starbucks, though.  Hate it.  Dunkin, Amish Markets, RoastTown, Dishes are all good spots in NYC that I will gladly take any day over Starbucks overpriced, burnt coffee.  Heck I will even take McDonald’s coffee.  Hey, remember this NYC guide post?
  • I danced competitively for 15 years (OK so some of you know this), all across the country and even in Germany a few times.  I was  very good and although I don’t dance so much anymore, it is still my everything.  A most recent example of what used to be my skills can be seen here.  We Are Never Getting Back Together.
  • I’m only 23 and I dread putting on a pair of high heels.  Too many college nights running around the city in 5-inchers has ruined me for life.

Had enough of me yet? Yes, that’s what I figured.  FIne with me because now I’m hungry and I need a snack.  I’m addicted to food, REMEMBER?! Later gators.