Hey Fit Girls! How are we doing?

This is not a fit post, a foodie post, or a fashion post.  This is a post where I can find a home for the ramblings that are currently going on in my head.

For all the single ladies everywhere, this is for you.  If you are shacked up, you probably shouldn’t continue..you may start to hate me.

You know how after you’re single for a while you start to REALLY want a boyfriend? I know not everyone is like this, but for the majority of us its bound to happen.  You see couples holding hands and kissing and looking like the sexiest couple alive and all you want to do is crawl into the fetus position while watching a sappy chick flick.  When this pang hits, its even worse to live in NYC.  Couples are EVERYWHERE.  A couple of months ago I was in this kinda funk..I would see NYC couples and be like “I want that!”.  Who knew whether they were going to brunch, going for a walk on the BK bridge, going home to have crazy sex…whatever the case, I was jealous.

I don’t know what the hell happened, but that funk is over…for now.  Lately all I can think about is how happy I am to be single.  I’m young so I’m allowed to feel this way.  Here are some of my favorite reasons to be single…

1.  No one to “report” to.  I know this sounds bad…but think about it – Even when you have a girls night, you’re still keeping your significant other updated on your whereabouts, your ETA at home, etc.  SINGLE BONUS: Stay out until the sun comes up and all you will get out of it is a welcome back hug from your bed!

2. More time with girl friends.  Mainly your single girl friends.  This is probably number 1 for me.  I feel like the day one of us gets a boyfriend, we will be holding a funeral for the good ol’ days where we could stop checking our phones in the middle of the night and then crash at each other’s apartment, with no worry of the outside world.

3. More time for glasses, no makeup, wine, magazines, & shitty tv nights.  This also is very high up there in importance for me right now.  I’ve had a few of these nights recently, and the happiness I feel is too much to handle.  I can watch the Real Housewives of NJ in peace, and snack on my Greek yogurt without anybody busting my chops.

Do I sound bitter..? If I do, I apologize.  I’m only having fun, and trying to see the light of any situation.  I still get jealous sometimes, like when I see a girl upload a pic of the flowers her boyfriend just sprung on her, or the pair of Loubs he just got for her birthday..but mainly, I’m along for the single ride for a little bit.

Young, Fun and Free is my favorite way to be ;)

Do you have anything to contribute? What’s another reason to be happy you’re single?