Hey there! A whole 8 days late, I’ve got a Memorial Day Weekend recap for you guys.  Unfortunately, I took more Snap Chats than photos, so 99% of the pics on my phone from that weekend are of the two new additions to the family.  Speaking of…..

Meet Chloe’s new pup, Bandit.  He is the cutest dang thing I’ve ever seen.  He’s got such a personality on him already, too.  He’s feisty and sweet and not afraid of anything.  My kinda pal.

And then there is the most BEAUTIFUL dog I’ve ever seen, my mom and Mark’s new Akita, Rosco! He and Bandit are both only 8 weeks old, can you believe it?! This kid is gonna be massive.  He’s dopey and floppy and still in that lazy-puppy phase.  Bandit was bullying him nonstop, even when Rosco first thought that Bandit was some kind of mobile chew toy.  It’s a good thing these two will be living in separate households!  Rosco is going to be the chillest dog ever – I can’t wait to hang out with him at the beach all summer!


I arrived to CT on Saturday, where my dad picked me up from the train station and headed straight to the grocery store for some grilling fixins’.  Burgers, corn, clams, hot dogs, etc.  We had a party of 3: Me, dad and Grandma, and we ate everything in sight.  I love hanging on the deck at their house and admiring their ginormous yard and Grandma’s garden! She made me her famous espresso before Dad and I took off to get some drinks.

After a night with Dad, I headed over to mom’s house for the rest of the weekend.

The deck, coffee, bathing suit, sunshine…What more can a girl ask for to start her day?

I can’t express how awesome my mom’s beach house is.  She’s currently remodeling the interior, and when it’s finished I will definitely do a post on it.  The fact that you can go hang out on the beach for a bit and then just head back to the house when you’re hungry is SUCH a luxury, especially for this city gal.  The hammock and some tiki torches once the sun goes down also hits the spot.

Anyway, around 6pm I invited my friends from high school over for some dinner.  I handed the grill and once again had burgers, dogs, corn, and some pasta salads.  I think I had 4 cheeseburgers over the course of MDW, and I wasn’t upset about it one bit.  What is a MDW without multiple cheeseburgers?

We went out a liiiiiitttle too hard (but fun) that night, making for quite the hangover the next day.  Hey, it happens.

Thank God for the beach…makes you ALMOST forget that you had too much to drink the night before.  The entire family went, where we hung out with the neighbors and their cute pups for a little bit.

Something else that helps the hangover…snuggles with this little dude on the hammock.  He came up all on his own and nestled on my shoulder.  Can’t handle the cuteness.  And yes, I am rocking a Miller Lite t-shirt.  Classic Memorial Day attire.

 I seriously hate having to leave my mom’s house in the summer.  It hurts my heart, and I throw a little kid tantrum on the inside.  On the way to the train, my mom and I stopped at Sundae House for Maple Walnut ice cream cones, so that definitely helped.

So it was back to the city for this gal!  Been workin’ since, so I am definitely due for some more fun this week!  Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was a blast.