Here’s how the best day ever happened – I realized I had a Saturday day AND night off work, I got 3 friends on board (Lindsay, Amanda and Zoe) for a day o’ fun, and I started making plans.  The day went off without a hitch.  In was better than I could have imagined.

My day started with a visit to the New Amsterdam Farmer’s Market at the old Fulton Fish Market (there will be a wholeeee other post on this one), where we were fed many samples of bread, cheeses, jams, and even SCALLOPS.

Zoe had her first lobster roll, courtesy of Luke’s Lobster having set up shop at the market.  I had a bite, and it was mighty delicious.

We met up with Lindsay and despite the rain that had found its way to us we decided to continue on with my day’s plan and head over to La Esquina for some fish tacos and other goodness (again, a whole other post coming on this one!).

Luckily, the rain stopped and we grabbed a table outside! Amanda then met up with us and the gang was full and happy.

After our meal we walked over to the Jimmy at the James Hotel, the rooftop that LInday works at.  Man, what a PERFECT day it turned out to be for that.

Stopped by this beauty on the way <3

Lol Boozy Susie up in here.

We had yummy mint drinks, plenty of champagne, and too many laughs and pictures to count.


After the sun set, we decided to take our intoxicated classy selves out to an oyster bar.

We ordered 25 oysters, wine, fish tacos and some grilled peppers.  We were given complimentary chocolate pudding as well!

I seriously couldn’t have had better weather, better company or a better time.  Can’t wait for a day like this again!

Enjoy your Tuesday!