Morning! Happy Friday.  So I am especially pumped because this is my first Friday off in about 7 months.  The whole day, and the whole night. Yiiipeeeee.  I have lots of fun stuff planned for today! But anyway, let’s rewind back to yesterday.

I had a killer workout in the morning: Our Chest Workout from yesterday as well as crazy sweaty series of lunges.  By the end of it my face had that extremely unattractive beet red tint to it.  I had plenty of time to burn before work, and since the weather was as beautiful as could be, I knew it was the perfect day to walk on Museum Mile and stroll in the best mother nature scene that NYC has to offer, Central Park.

Walking to The Met[tropolitan Museum of Art]

This pic is old..Just had to throw it in..One of the very first pics I took and posted to Instagram! @avaimprota

[The Guggenheim]

Again, an old Insta…Too good.

Picked up a strawberry banana smoothie, and then into the park I went!

Afterwards it was time for a Greek yogurt parfait with Granola, Strawberries, Bananas & Chia seeds.  It was ginormous and it was delicious.

What a great day I had!! If you live in the city then I’m sure you can agree that the best days are where you don’t do much of anything..just enjoy the amazing city.

Enjoy your morning and we’ll be back later with another NEW workout series, Ballet Body !