This past weekend, my mom and I had a fantastic time at the Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, CT.  Originally we were going to plan a fun day trip amongst my friends, but I ended up getting in from NYC a little too late in the afternoon, so momma Steph and I had our own little party!

This place is absolutely breathtaking.  I went to a couple of vineyards on the North Fork in Long Island last month, and I have to say..the wines and the atmosphere of this place totally trumped.

We first had a table outside, with the most gorgeous view of the sunset.  We enjoyed some meats, cheeses, and glasses of Malbec.

We then moved indoors for a wine tasting, where there was gorgeous and rustic decor, live music singing some of our ALL TIME favorite songs, and a bartender that seemed happy to have two buzzing blondes chewing his ear off ;)

We had such a fantastic time.  We laughed, we cried, we got caught up on each other’s lives..In the end we were thrilled that it ended up just being the two of us, because we haven’t actually had a chance to sit down and have a mother-daughter conversation alone in quite some time.  This woman is my rock, my life, and my best friend..I’ll always think of this day at the Chamard Vineyards fondly!

While we didn’t stay for dinner in the main dining room, the menu looked abbbbsolutely fantastic.  I cannot wait to go back to this place!

You can check out their website here..