I wasn’t sure if this post is about the website/app Groupon or my latest purchase from them, which is my current love.  But, I guess it stems from Groupon so Groupon it is.

The girls and I have been members of Groupon for 2 years now.  It’s free and it’s a great place to get great deals on everything imaginable.  The premise is that you sign up for deals in your area, such as by county, but if you’re thrifty like we are, you’ll sign up for multiple counties.  Not everything is by location though, they do offer discounts from online retailers as well.

We use this app when we’re vacationing to find local deals.  Most recently when we were in Florida, Chloe used Groupon to find discounts on paddle boarding and guess what?  It worked.  Half price for an hour rental with lessons.  I think we paid $13 each….how can you beat that?

Have you ever seen the kiosk at the mall with the girls curling hair using a straightener?  Well, that product is Nume and it’s amazing.  If you purchase the set at the mall or online, it’ll cost you $250.00.  Needless to say, I didn’t buy it.  Nume was featured on Groupon a few months ago.  You purchase a voucher for $15 and you get $115 worth of products from the site.  What’s not to love about that deal.  Now we all have Nume straighteners.


Most recently I purchased this super cool jewelry case mirror on Groupon for $99 with shipping included!  I don’t know about you guys, but up until last week, I had a jewelry box, a box with watches and a box with costume jewelry.  Not anymore!  This this is awesome!  There’s a place for everything and room for more.  I want to show everyone that comes over.  I have the mirror over the door, but you can also secure it directly to the wall.  I move furniture so much, I think mine will stay over the door for now.

Ha, wait that isn’t my most recent purchase, that’s my most recently received.  I’m waiting for a Swarovski crystal necklace :)

If you’re not signed up to Groupon, you should be.  Let us know your best Groupon finds