Hey, guess what? It’s my 5th Christmas living in NYC! How bananas is that?! As each year goes by, I find myself getting into the Christmas spirit later and later.  Why is December flying by so fast? Maybe it feels that way because Thanksgiving was so late this year..who knows.  Anyway, this weekend I’m finally stepping my game up and going to do all the amazing Christmas-y things in NYC.  See the tree, walk around the markets.  Oh yes, the markets.  The amazing markets.

(Union Square Markets)

If you’re a New Yorker then I’m sure you can ignore this Fab Find (or read it anyway..duh).  If you’re only going to visit the city for a day, however – you NEED to check out the NYC Holiday Markets.  They’re incredible and so festive, filled with sooooo many booths and vendors carrying one-of-a-kind, unique products.  I recommend going during the day as even though these markets look STUNNING at night, you’re sure to freeze while shopping.

If you absolutely have to go at night – don’t worry..there’s plenty of warm nutella crepes and hot cocoa to go around :)

Again, Union Square.  Gets SO packed..beware.  I also notice that most of the vendors are the same every year.  Therefore, I cannot Christmas shop there anymore!

Bryant Park! If you ask me, these markets are a little more boutique-y and pricey than the others.  This is where I did most of my shopping last year.  What I bought: Amazing herbal teas, wind chimes & garden accents for my grandma and aunt, hats, scarves, and body scrubs.

Before you shop, you can ice skate. DUH! I haven’t skated in Bryant Park since 2011.  The time is now!

Union Square and Columbus Circle are more for those quirky, fun gifts.  Things that I’ve bought: a beer-making kit, handmade jewelry, beef jerky(yep), graphic tee’s, lamps, phone cases, art..

..and spices!  I found these on my Instagram from last year, by the way.

Just from looking at these again, I am SO excited for my weekend of holiday fun.  :)  It’s Christmastime in the city!

Hope you check these markets out for yourself.  Another option is Columbus Circle!