Jonas! Holy cow, Jonas.  I totally had to eat my words of “Oh, it won’t be anything” when it started snowing late Friday night and didn’t stop for a good 24 hours.  I was laughing at the people that were at the grocery store stocking up like crazy, when in actuality, the joke was on me because nearly everything in the neighborhood shut down once the blizzard started to get really bad

! I stopped following and listening to the weather long ago, because nine times out of ten they completely exaggerate or overshoot the amount of snow that is to accumulate.  Welp, not this time.  The ten block walk really did feel like I was witnessing the end of the world, and I was grateful that a certain someone had already stocked up on plenty of wine and the fixings to make home-made pizzas.

The Sunday aftermath.  Dirty snow mile-up and mush.

This was around 2pm on Saturday, just when things started to get going.  It was so crazy to be walking in the middle of an NYC avenue and not have to worry about cars.  I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t seen this much snow in all of the 7 years I’ve been living in the city, and it turns out that this storm was one of the three largest storms that NYC has seen to date! Wild.

We spent the night making pizzas, wandering over to the neighbor’s apt for some drinking-game snow fun, and then finally to the bar across the street for a few beers.  Successful snow-day indeed.

I made an effort to go to Central Park to get some good pictures.  Unfortunately, Sunday started off as one of those days where nothing was going right.  If Saturday was a majestical, dream-come-true, picturesque scene (which it was), then Sunday was the antithesis.  Puddles a foot deep, snow pile-up to my thighs, and even that amazing moment where a bus comes flying past you as you’re waiting to cross the street and completely smothers you in mucky city water.  I arrived to the park with my Canon only to realize that I never took the battery off the charger and back into the camera.  I pulled out my iPhone only to snap two quick photos before it died out of nowhere.  I thought, OMG, I need to just go back home..but I couldn’t let the day be a wash so I made a pitstop at the gym on my way home.  A trip to Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods ended up making it a decently productive Sunday!

How did you guys spend your Jonas weekend?! I was sooo happy to have Saturday and Sunday off work – a lazy snow weekend was definitely in order!



Snowstorm activities involve #scrabble and #veuve ❄️

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