Hey hey! I feel like it has been forever since I’ve done a “Lately” post with some of my most recent iPhone pics.  There were definitely a few weeks where I was a post-Jamaica winter hermit, but now I think I’ve stepped back in the game of getting out and about and really enjoying the city again.  What makes me most happy is working a lot (aka having some cash in my pocket) and still having time to get quality time in with the boyfriend and some of my best friends.  Drink dates, lunch dates, coffee dates..we do what we can to see each other!

An expensive obsession I’ve picked up again recently is juices.  I find myself making a pit-stop for a $10 juice more than I’d like to admit.  Now that Whole Foods opened up on the Upper East Side I am really going to be in trouble.

On a day where I was feeling particularly cozy..

Happy Hour involves $1 oysters and $5 glasses of Sauv Blanc – um, yeah.  Sign me up.  Keep me signed up for the rest of my life.

Been seeing more and more of this beaut! I actually just got back from a lunch with her :)

Love my Zoeface.

Yep, another juice.

Oh, Amanda.  Every time we hang out I’m taken back to the good ol’ days, where we had no money but lots of laughs and amazing times.  Seriously, I don’t even know how we were running around the city on our college-girl budgets..but we definitely made it work.  Love seeing this girl and love even more the fact that our boyfriends had so much in common.

To add to that – how exciting is it when your boyfriend meets your friends and their boyfriends and they all love each other? Haha.  We had another night with Erica, her boyfriend Pete and Crystina at Infirmary a few weeks ago, and it just warms my heart to see my favorite people in life getting along so well :)

I made it a point to go visit my good buddy Scott at work last week (Hill & Bay in Murray Hill) and this Burrata salad was pretty damn tasty.  I’ve never met a Buratta I didn’t love.  Paired with Sauv Blanc, obviously.

And look who’s back! My one and only Aussie and first friend at Rathbones is back from her 6 month hiatus.  She’s a trip and I was clearly happy to see her again.

Nothing like some Sports Illustrated Swimsuit for a little Inspo.  ”Summer bodies are made in the Winter!” Yeah, cool.  I’ll put the pizza down after I finish reading this issue.

Valentine’s Day was a great dinner at Strip House.  For some reason I decided to switch it up and order Rose instead of the usual Sauv Blanc, and I am so happy I did.  I saved the name of the Hampton’s vineyard in my phone and have been buying that wine all week – I can’t wait to take pics and share the brand with you!

As if the dinner wasn’t amazing enough, Tommy surprised me with this Larsson & Jennings watch that I had been eyeing for so many months.  I only mentioned it once before, so I was seriously impressed.  Ugh, I could stare at it all day!

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Hope you have a great Monday!