Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.  Let’s talk aboooout juice.  Let’s talk about juice.

Yeah, that just happened.

Anyway, it took me quite a while to actually catch on to the juice trend, but now I have to say I am officially hooked.  At $9-$10 average, it’s easily become my most expensive daily fix.  If I see a green juice from a brand I haven’t tried, I start getting the junkie shakes like “Gotta try it, gotta try it!”  Some of them don’t taste that great, others amazing.  Bottom line: it’s a great way to detox & help meet your recommended daily veggie intake.  Here are a few brands I’ve tried and loved enough to take a photo of..

Suja: The one and only “cleanse” I’ve ever done, and probably the last one.  Not because these didn’t taste amazing, though! I’m just not a fan of the whole “no food” deal.  By the end of this 3 day cleanse I was praying to the clean-eating Gods “PLEASE give me something to chew and I SWEAR I’ll eat clean”.  After this cleanse my body definitely felt rejuvenated, cleansed, and skinny.  Also hungry.  Very, very hungry.  I still love a Suja juice every now and then for a little pick-me-up while I’m running around in the city.

Organic Avenue.  This store is awesome.  I went ape on kale chips, cocoa nibs chocolate bars and wheatgrass shots.  I also have a mango basil smoothie in my fridge from them that I have yet to try! This medicinal green juice, however, had a little too much bite for my liking.  It served its purpose, though.  I went for the juice that had the most greens, not the one that looked like it would taste the best.

Evolution Fresh.  These are actually only $7 – what a steal for a beverage! (sarcasm) But really, I pick one of these up at the bodega every day on my way into work.  The sweet greens with lemon is really, really tasty.  Well, as tasty as veggies in a bottle can.

Love & Grace probiotic smoothies and juice.  My least favorite of them all, and the most expensive at $12 each.  I honestly haven’t had a juice that I find terribly disgusting, but of the bunch these are the most disappointing.  The juices are huge, but somehow not satisfying, and that had me thinking I was hungry about 20 minutes later.

Whether you’ve already taken the plunge with juices or are looking to try something new, look out for these brands at your local health foods stores.

P.S. The Juice Press has the best green juice, EVER.