Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the superhero moms I know out there! As I write this, I am in a particularly good mood because the Rangers just won and made it to game 7! Heyyyyooo.  What a great cap to momma’s day.  I, of course, spent the day with my own wonderful mother.  After a train ride to CT (where I ran into my friend Megan – definitely made the train ride go by quicker!), my mom and I stopped by Dunkin for my latte fix and then to the nearby farmer’s market, where my mom proceeded to spend a small fortune on flowers, eggs and asparagus.  Yes, random combo..and I take full responsibility for the asparagus.

I have to say.. well worth the splurge.

My first few hours of CT involved a long shower, prancing around the backyard with a blood orange mimosa while my mom gardened, and reading on the hammock.  This was my first 80 degree day visiting the beach house, and I was in pure heaven.  Aside from the dog being so excited to see me that he upper-cutted my lip, it was a pretty picture-perfect afternoon.

Veuve, as if you are surprised.

Hammock life.

Mimi’s beautiful table of presents.

And the Queen herself ;)

Chloe was stuck at work for most of the day, but managed to get her Tiffany’s gift over to mom.  These girls and their designer duds, I tell you.  Insane.

A few hours of that went by before it was time for dinner prepared by none other than our household chef, Mark.  I just had Mexican food yesterday, complete with guac and fish tacos, but I totally didn’t mind having that exact same feast a second day in a row.

This delicious salad was made with the farm-fresh eggs we bought earlier in the day.  Can’t wait to have it for breakfast as well!

On the menu: Steak and Halibut tacos.  I opted for a few halibut tacos, topped with corn salad, guac, shredded cheese & greek yogurt on a corn tortilla.  So, so good.  Forreal.

Mimi and Poppy are always great to have around, as Mimz pretty much serves as a therapist to us all.  So yeah, that’s fun.  Haha.  We’re both rocking our floral print here, since she is so up on Spring trends 2015.

Forever Family.  Pretty much sums up the day.  My mom got me this for Christmas, and I adore it.

No day at the beach house is complete without an actual stroll on the beach.  Man, there is just nothing like it.  Feels like such a luxury and such a vacation from the city to have this just a few steps walk away.

Of course, a big glass of Cote de Provence to cheers to family, our badass moms, a beautiful Spring day, and all that is to come.

Have a great day!