Ohhhhh vacation..I never want you to end.  Have I already been saying this? Well, I’ll say it again, and I’m sure come Wednesday morning I’ll be stomping my feet like a toddler on the way out.

Last night Meagan and I had a seafood dinner at Broadway at the Beach while everyone else was prancing around.  The ladybird and I shared a bottle of wine, oysters on the half, house salad, halibut with rice and veggies, as well as a side of mushrooms, scallops, and shrimps.  We alsoooo passed up complimentary garlic bread at the start of our meal.  Not easy, but props to us for doing it.

And here’s some more vacation pics…They look friggin retarded but guess what? I’m on vacation, I still have no idea what I’m doing on this thing, and I’m drinking mimosas.  I’m not fixing it. Mwwwah.