Hey, hey! So as you guys saw in my last post, my Saturday this past weekend started at the New Amsterdam Market held at the Old Fulton Fish Market down by the south street seaport.  Man, what a great idea this was! The reason why I wanted to check this particular market out is because I heard that there was fresh fish, fresh meats, and the most incredible breads and cheeses to be found.  Produce, honey, baked goods, cheeses and jams are not unheard of at farmer’s markets – in fact that is the norm, but FISH?! Amazing.  We even saw people walking around with “sausage on a stick”.  Preeetty interesting.

I just love farmers markets for the fact that  there’s always very small, creative and independent vendors showcasing their work or product.  I”m always down to throw a few dollars at people that hustle! How cute is this table set-up? And by cute, I mean delicious. looking.

And the FISHMONGERS, here they are!

Half of a lobster roll, courtesy of Luke’s Lobster.  Yum, yum.

This bread – omg.  There were samples and after we came around the second time I just had to make a damn purchase.  Of COURSE I bought this bread.  Carboholic for life, right?

Back to the fishmongers.  Holy cow did I want to buy scallops..but I couldn’t exactly cart them around with me all day, right?

Fresh produce just looks beautiful no matter what, doesn’t it?

There were SO many amazing vendors that I didn’t get snaps of – mainly because I was too busy scarfing the delicious samples they were passing out.

For details on the exact vendors at this market, as well as the next event (only one market event per month!), visit the New Amsterdam Website 

I’m off to Florida for a few days, so I hope you guys enjoy your Wednesday as much as I do!