With all the festivities of the holidays behind us, it’s time for some structure or should I say restructuring.

In an attempt to give you the best possible blog experience, we’re going to keep certain days for certain posts.  For example:

Mondays:  Workout of the Week  we’re going to give you workouts for home and the gym.  This can be total body or mix and match.  It’s a great way to start your week and your workout journal

Tuesdays:  Fab Finds this can be anything from something we use every day to reviews of our most recent boxes.  By boxes I mean, Birch Box, Klutchclub, Ipsy and my newest PVBody.  If you’ve got something you think we should try, please share!  We love new things

Wednesdays:  Anything Goes we all need a day to say whatever is on our minds :)

Thursdays:  Recipes & Restaurant Reviews

Fridays:  Must always be Fashion Friday

We’ll also be posting by 8:30am daily.  So when you’re hitting up your computer with your morning Joe or Green Tea, we’ll be there waiting for you

As usual, we’ll be taking the weekends off from posting, but not from researching.  I personally wish that stores still closed on Sundays so we could have a designated family day.

Let us know what you think.  We’re open to ideas.  Is there something missing that you’d like to see?

Yours in health & fitness!